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Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales is proud to be recognised as the first Carbon Literacy Training Organisation (CLTO) in Wales.

We have been working with the Carbon Literacy Project since 2017 to help accelerate action on climate change, by providing over 80 organisations with the training and support needed to reduce their carbon emissions. This accreditation is testament to our commitment to achieving a more carbon literate Wales.

We offer certified Carbon Literacy training through our regular open sessions – open to individuals, as well as developing bespoke sessions relevant at a team or organisational level.

Carbon Literacy is:

“An awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

The Carbon Literacy Project aims to ensure that everyone who works, lives, or studies in Wales has the opportunity to learn about;

  • the causes and consequences of global warming
  • what is meant by ‘climate change’
  • the ways that individuals, organisations and communities can take practical action in response

Our Clients

Organisations that have benefited from our course include United Welsh, Cardiff Council, The National Museum of Wales, Public Health Wales, Community Housing Cymru, WCVA and many SMEs, charities and voluntary organisations.

It is now your chance to join a growing movement!

About Carbon Literacy

The Carbon Literacy Project aims to give every one the opportunity to explore what the reality of climate change means for them in their home life and work life.  Equipped with the facts on how human activity, climate and natural systems are inter-related, individuals, communities and organisations are helped to take action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Who Should Attend?

Carbon Literacy is the ideal approach to educate the whole workforce and empower them to respond to the very real challenges of Climate Change.

Carbon Literacy is for individuals from any organisation – public sector, businesses, charities, voluntary groups – that has aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, is thinking of doing so, or wants to influence others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt low carbon lifestyles.

For IndividualsFor TeamsFor Organisations
“A valuable course that gave me all the tools I needed to disarm climate sceptics and convey the utter madness of inaction. Motivating and empowering, time truly well spent.”“A good balance between presentation and group work. The tutor was likeable and engaging.”“I gained a better understanding of climate change and what needs to be done NOW! Enjoyed the presentation and group work.”
Individuals will understand the causes and consequences of climate change, locally and across the world. They will be able to evaluate the contributions they make to climate change and the power they have to take positive action to reduce their contribution and adapt to climate changes.Teams will develop a shared understanding of how business activity relates to climate change and be able to design responses that are relevant and appropriate.Giving a group of colleagues this unique opportunity to learn together and develop a set of practical responses to the challenge of climate change will ultimately save the organisation money, make the organisation more resilient, improve the organisation’s reputation, enthuse and motivate staff.


On successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Trust and join a growing movement of linked individuals across the world who understand the basic science of climate change and are able to make rational, informed decisions about how we respond.


Open Course for individuals£85 + VAT£95 + VAT
Carbon Literacy (for up to 10 people)£750 + VAT£850 + VAT
Carbon Literacy (for 11 to 15 people)£875 + VAT£1125 + VAT
Tailored CourseAdditional £400 plus VAT per day for course developmentAdditional £500 per day for course development
Course Certificate£10 per person£10 per person