Connecting Communities

With a rapidly growing population, increased traffic and congestion, we are facing a number of different challenges within our communities. Combine this with technological advancements, changes in the way we work, live and travel there are great opportunities to shift to new models of behaviour and ownership to tackle these issues. There are many exciting projects taking place across Wales such as the City and Region deals as well as smaller pilot schemes being run by local authorities, international businesses and local social enterprises which aim to improve the connectivity of our towns and cities. The Summit will provide you with an opportunity to hear more about some of these initiatives.



Jon Brookes, Enterprise


Enterprise reveal how Enterprise Car Club is helping to improve opportunities for a connected community in many areas across the UK including Bristol, but Wales is yet to fully adopt.  Car Clubs are encouraging and facilitating a shift in traditional travel culture and car ownership model of transport to enable a pay-as-you-go approach, shared resources, and connected, sustainable mobility solutions to ultimate assist in reducing the number of cars on our roads.


Professor Phil Jones, Cardiff University / Low Carbon Research Institute LCRI


Professor Phil Jones explores how the City Deals in Wales could help to improve community connectivity through a number of innovative projects designed to stimulate growth and to deliver transformational impact. The City Deals aim to tackle some of the biggest challenges in Wales, from employment to energy, focusing on improvements to transport and digital infrastructure to the development of smart technology using solar energy.



Melin talks about the practical and strategic role housing association play in connecting their communities and how Melin Homes are piloting new sustainability projects to improve their commitment to their tenants and stakeholders.


Sponsored by: Enterprise