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Inspired in Holland

I was privileged to be invited join the Interface Sustainability Ambassadors in Holland to hear about their progress and plans in Mission Zero – the company’s very real attempt to make the principles of sustainable development the practical basis of profits and success. They are on target: nearly zero waste and a 98% reduction in […]

Adding Certainty to Communications on Climate Change

George Marshall from COIN has sent us a guide to communicating on the topic of climate change. Uncertainty has become an argument for discrediting climate science and for delaying policy responses – but if communicated effectively, it can be a stimulus for action. A compact and comprehensive new guide to communicating uncertainty aimed at scientists, […]

Engage The Whole Person – Its About More Than Facts

There is a limit to how much you can engage a person by appealing to rationality based on scientific fact. Sometimes only a poem or song will get the message across. Here are some fine examples from The Guardian website including two from Welsh poets Robert Minhinnick and Gillian Clarke

Emergence Partnership

The Value and Joys of Working in Partnership

Most people probably think of Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales in the context of its foundation in 2002 by members of civic society and the Welsh Government and its subsequent contract work on The Well-being of Future Generations Act and support for The Sustainable Futures Commissioner. What people may not be aware of however is that in […]