Are You Ready To Become an Exemplar Company?

Are You Ready To Become an Exemplar Company?

Costain recently published a press release in which they celebrated the fact that we had assessed them as an exemplar in the 2015 Sustainable Development Charter report.

News Article: Costain Recognised in Welsh Sustainability Charter

Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales has managed the Charter on behalf of the Welsh Government for the last three years. Over that time we have seen a steady growth of almost 400 signatories, embedding sustainability at the heart of their organisation.

Every year we assessed around a hundred reports, case studies, policies and strategies sent in by Charter signatories. For the 2015 report we assessed these submissions against the elements of the seven National Well-being Goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act. Costain was chosen as an exemplar for two reasons;

1. They provided a wealth of information which made scoring easier

2. They scored high by providing evidence that they were delivering multiple benefits across a range of environmental, social and economic factors.

Costain are an excellent example of a business which maintains high standards of responsible practice while continuing to make profits. Such businesses prove that the presumption that costs of mitigating environmental and social harm have to be externalised in order to return profit is a fallacy. In fact, rigorous environmental management and high standards of employee and community well-being add value to a business and boost levels of efficiency, productivity, loyalty and return custom.

We use our past experience of managing the former Sustainable Development Charter and analysing the practices of its signatories to advise businesses today. Our consultancy and training provides a structure for professional development and reflective action learning analogous to techniques used to enhance quality and efficiency. Sustainable Development is a journey, a cyclical process of define-measure-analyse-adjust-monitor. Costain have been on this journey for some years which is why we recognised them as an exemplar.

When are you going to start this journey or have you already begun but need help?

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