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Gwyl Coleridge Festival

Join the Great Welsh Coleridge Adventure

The Coleridge in Wales 2016 Festival will begin in May 2016 and follow the path the world-renown poet took around Wales ending at the National Eisteddfod in August. Coleridge in Wales Festival 2016 Tour: 15 May – 8 August 2016 An 80 day adventure around Wales following routes taken by the great world poet Samuel […]

Simon Nurse – How to Innovate Our Way out of a Looming Ecological Crisis

Rare is the platform where you are genuinely among friends. Particularly when that platform debates thorny issues such as eco-design, industrial ecology, waste, the circular economy and sharing. But let there be no doubt, Cynnal Cymru’s ‘Show and tell’ event was precisely that; an opportunity to share ideas and push, pull, knead and shape new […]

Can We Engineer Our Way to a Sustainable Future?

Our Training Manager Rhodri Thomas was recently invited to give a talk to the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineers. He tilted the lecture “Can We Engineer Our Way to a Sustainable Future?” and use it to explore the tensions between what society needs, what it thinks it needs, the environmental limits to meeting these needs […]

Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) are running a new course in September that provides an in-depth introduction to CAT’s latest Zero Carbon Britain research, offering a robust, evidence-based scenario that explores ways we can deliver a climate positive future, whilst also maintaining a modern lifestyle. The course also covers how Zero Carbon Britain can […]

New award launched in memory of Welsh environmentalist

The Morgan Parry Foundation will today (Monday 20 July 2015) launch its first annual award for young people, at an event to celebrate the life of the leading environmentalist. Morgan died at the age of 56 in January 2014, after a six month battle with a serious illness. He was a leading figure in the […]

Free webinars to help Welsh businesses and public sector organisations to reduce their costs and become more resource efficient

Resource Efficient Wales are running a series of free webinars, on a range of topics related to resource efficiency. Your business or public sector organisation could reduce its costs by using less energy and water, consuming fewer raw materials, and reducing waste. Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference, and the new Resource […]

Adding Certainty to Communications on Climate Change

George Marshall from COIN has sent us a guide to communicating on the topic of climate change. Uncertainty has become an argument for discrediting climate science and for delaying policy responses – but if communicated effectively, it can be a stimulus for action. A compact and comprehensive new guide to communicating uncertainty aimed at scientists, […]