A sustainable community demands that all aspects of society are engaged in the journey towards sustainability. Given the fact that many in our society feel disenfranchised, suffer poverty and deprivation or are otherwise disengaged, our job is to create the routes whereby all in society can fully understand the merit of engagement and can see and feel the benefits.... Read More


Cynnal Cymru believes that an economy based on the principles of sustainable development is key to the kind of economy which is vital at a time of global economic collapse, climate change and resource depletion. Change will come as soon as basic Sustainable Development principals are accepted by individual companies as fundamental business practices.... Read More


Without ensuring that culture; history, heritage, language, diversity and the various aspects of culture itself; forms a part of any community, we cannot achieve a sustainable community. UNESCO makes this clear: we must ensure we integrate culture into all aspects of what we do.... Read More


Sustainable development means many things to people but most agree on one important point: we have but one planet. With whatever we do, we must live within the limits set by that planet. Furthermore, we need to ensure that what we do as we live, work and play must not degrade the chance of the Earth to heal and to continue.... Read More


Thanks very much for today’s session, it was pitched just right and gave them all a chance to engage and contribute. The glass students continued to debate related issues for another hour or so after you left! Food for thought...............
Swansea Metropolitan University
Working with Cynnal Cymru has really helped us to get Sustainable Development on the agenda at a corporate level and we would highly recommend that other organisations avail themselves of these excellent services. The training workshop delivered to 50 University managers by Rhodri Thomas [‘An Introduction to Sustainable Development’] has been invaluable and 81% of our staff had a better understanding of sustainable development by the end of the workshop. 93% of our managers would recommend the workshop to others
Cardiff Metropolitan’s Sustainability Engagement Group

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